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Second edition
Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2016
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ISBN 9780444636126 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9780444636072 (e-kniha)
ISBN !9780444636072 (chyb.) (vázáno)
První vydání vydáno jako: Wetland systems to control urban runoff. Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier, 2006.
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Wetlands for Water Pollution Control, Second Edition, covers the fundamental science and engineering principles relevant to the drainage and treatment of both storm and wastewater. Standard and novel design recommendations for predominantly constructed wetlands and related sustainable drainage systems are also provided to account for the interests of professional engineers and environmental scientists. This revised edition deals with the design, operation, maintenance, and water quality monitoring of traditional and novel wetland systems, but also provides information on the analysis of asset performance and modeling of treatment processes, along with performances of existing infrastructures in predominantly developed, but also developing countries, and the sustainability and economic issues involved. This new edition contains 10 new chapters, along with multidisciplinary, experimental, and modeling-orientated case study topics that include natural wetlands, constructed treatment wetlands for pollution control, sustainable drainage systems, and specific applications, such as wetlands treating hydrocarbon and ammonia, as well as ecological sanitation systems recycling treated..
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Water quality standards -- Water treatment -- Sewage treatment -- Stream pollution and effluent standards -- Preliminary treatment -- Primary treatment -- Coagulation and flocculation -- Sludge blanket clarifiers -- Flotation systems -- Slow filtration -- Rapid filtration -- Biological treatment -- Biological filtration -- Rotating biological contactors -- Activated sludge processes -- Iron and manganese removal -- Water softening -- Water microbiology -- Disinfection -- Constructed wetlands -- Sludge treatment and disposal -- Wetlands treating contaminated stream water -- Wetland systems to control roof runoff -- Wetlands treating road runoff -- Combined wetland and below-ground detention systems -- Modeling of constructed wetland performance -- Infiltration wetland systems -- Retrofitting of sustainable drainage systems in the presence of vegetation -- Expert tool based on ecosystem variables for retrofitting on wetland systems -- Sustainable drainage system model -- Natural wetlands treating diffuse pollution -- Integrated constructed wetlands for pollution control -- Infiltration and contaminant migration beneath integrated constructed wetlands -- Seasonal assessment of vertical-flow wetlands treating domestic wastewater -- Recycling of domestic wastewater treated by vertical-flow wetlands for irrigation -- Piggery wastewater treatment with integrated constructed wetlands -- Wetland systems as part of the sustainable flood retention basin concept -- Classification of sustainable flood retention basins.

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