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First published
Woodbridge : Boydell Press, 2016
x, 277 stran : ilustrace, portréty, faksimile ; 24 cm

ISBN 978-1-78327-107-8 (vázáno)
Obsahuje bibliografii na stranách 247-260, bibliografické odkazy a rejstřík
Contents // Illustrations vi i i Preface ix // 1 Telling Tales of Music in Vienna i // /JOG // 2 Music at the Imperial and Royal Court 8 // Angelica, vincitrice di Alcina: an opera ror the Habsburgs Three emperors: Leopold I, Joseph I and Karl VI Music in a fortress city Music and Habsburg identity // 3 Catholicism, Ritual and Ceremony 30 // The regulation of the liturgy // Leopold I and pietas austriaca // Johann Joseph Fux: composer and theorist // 4 Italian Opera and the Preservation of the Habsburg Dynasty 47 // Opera, representation and identity // A coronation in Prague (1723): political unity and musical conservatism // /$00 // 5 Court, Aristocrats and Connoisseurs 72 // Mozarts coronation opera; Haydns TeDeum Music and the Habsburg dynasty, music and the Habsburg family The aristocracy as leaders of private and public taste in music Prince Nicolaus Esterházy and Prince Joseph Lobkowitz Women play and sing their part: a forgotten history // 6 Demand, Aspiration and the Ennobling or the Spirit 97 // Music in the market place // Behind closed doors: piano, song and string quartet Music in Vienna in 1808: the view of a patriot // 7 Music, War and Peace no // In tempore belli // 1791-1799 The First Coalition to the Peace of Campo Formio 1799-1805 The Second Coalition to the Treaty of Lunéville 1805-1809 The Third Coalition to the Peace of Pressburg 1809-1813 The siege of Vienna to the Treaty of Schönbrunn 1813-1815 The Fourth Coalition to the Congress of Vienna A glorious
moment, a new future, the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde // ’900 // 8 Vienna, City of Music 151 // Documenting the musical world Institutions and venues in the First District Beyond the Ringstrasse // 9 ‘Seid umschlungen, Millionen’ 178 // Otto Nicolai concert, 18 February 1900 Beethoven and Wagner; Mozart and Haydn Memorialization and monumentalism Johann Strauss dedicates a waltz to Brahms // 10 From Johann Strauss to Richard Strauss 199 The Waltz King turns to operetta Old Vienna, New Vienna Richard Strauss and the future operatic ideal // Notes 111 Bibliography 147 Index 161

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