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First published
Cambridge (UK) : Cambridge University Press, 2021
xiii, 275 stran : ilustrace ; 23 cm

ISBN 978-1-108-44229-9 (brožováno)
The Cambridge applied linguistics series
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Series Editors’ Preface xiii // Learner Corpus Research and Second Language Acquisition: an attempt at bridging the gap Bert 1 - Le Bruyn and Magali Paquot // Article Use in Russian and Spanish Learner Writing at CEFR Bl and B2 Levels: Effects of Proficiency, Native Language, and Specificity 10 - Tania Ionin and Maria Belén Diez-Bedmar // L1 Influence vs. Universal Mechanisms: An SLA-Driven Corpus Study on Temporal Expression 39 - Valentin Werner, Robert Fuchs, and Sandra Götz // The Interplay between Universal Processes and Cross-Linguistic Influence in the Light of Learner Corpus Data: Examining Shared Features of Non-native Englishes 67 - Lea Meriläinen // Exploring Multi-Word Combinations as Measures of Linguistic Accuracy in Second Language Writing 96 - Charlene Polio and Hyung-Jo Yoon // Using Syntactic Co-occurrences to Trace Phraseological Complexity Development in Learner Writing: Verb + Object Structures in LONGDALE 122 - Magali Paquot, Hubert Naets, and Stefan Th. Gries // Understanding the Long-Term Evolution of L2 Lexical Diversity: The Contribution of a Longitudinal Learner Corpus 148 - Nicole Tracy-Ventura, Amanda Huensch, and Rosamond Mitchell // L2 Developmental Measures from a Dynamic Perspective 172 - Marjolijn Verspoor, Wander Lowie, and Martijn Wieling // Exploring Individual Variation in Learner Corpus Research: Methodological Suggestions 191 - Stefanie Wulff and Stefan Th. Gries // Building an Oral and Written Learner Corpus of a School Programme: Methodological Issues 214 - Philippa Bell, Laura Collins, and Emma Marsden // Commentary: Have Learner Corpus Research and Second Language Acquisition Finally Met? 243 - Sylviane Granger // Commentary: An SLA Perspective on Learner Corpus Research Florence Myles 258 // Index 274

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