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First edition
Prague : Charles University, Karolinum Press, 2022
1 online zdroj (230 stran) : ilustrace
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ISBN 978-80-246-5027-2 (online ; pdf)
ISBN 978-80-246-5012-8 (print)
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Inclusive education has aroused heated debate among teachers, parents, politicians, and the general public, yet for many involved and affected the basic concepts and real goals of inclusion are unclear or misunderstood. Presenting research by scholars from the Czech Republic, France, Norway, Poland, Canada, and Switzerland on education, democratic citizenship, and the inclusive philosophies and politics of various countries, Cultures of Inclusive Education and Democratic Citizenship examines and clarifies the cultural, professional, and political issues surrounding the implementation of inclusive education. The first section of the book examines the epistemology of the inclusive process. The second section compares the logic of inclusion from an international perspective. The final section explores concrete problems encountered in the different states represented..
Contents // Introduction // Cultures of Inclusive Education and Democratic Citizenship: // Comparative Perspectives // Magdalena Kohout-Diaz & Martin Strouhal 7 // 1. Epistemology of the Inclusive Process, Education // for Democracy and Respect for Individuality of Man as Two Basic // Conditions of Inclusive Ideas, Ideologies and Policies // Inclusive Education as a Magnifying Glass of Problems // of the Democratization of School Education // Stanislav Stech 26 // Inclusive Democracies in the Era of Global Threats: Challenging // the Narratives of Division Through the Enactment of the Ideals // of Public European Education // Regis Malet 46 // Inclusion and Neoliberal Education Reforms: What Has Gone // Wrong, and Why Knowledge Should Be an Essential Part // of the Solution // Erik Bratland 66 // 2. Conditions, Tensions and Tools Currently Discussed Enabling // Truly Humanistic Implementation of Inclusive Education // Inclusion in the School Environments of a Democratic Society // Jaroslav Kota 84 // Implementing Inclusive Policies: What Are the Local Realities? // Serge Ramel // 100 // Key Universal Conditions for the Successful Implementation // of Inclusive Schools // Phillippe Tremblay // 3. Problems, Opportunities and Barriers in the Inclusion Plan // of Concrete Inclusive Cases, Laws or Situations // A View of the Current State of Inclusion in Czech Schools: // Inclusive Practice in Education since 2016 // Tereza Komárkové // Educational Paths in Social Exclusion
// Markéta Levínská // Opportunities and Barriers of Inclusive Education for Persons // with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Poland: "Together Forward" Case // Dorota Bazan & Mariusz Kwiatkowski // 4. About the Authors // 119 // 145 // 146 // 173 // 200 // 222

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