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Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, 2010
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ISBN 9781492595526 (online)
ISBN 9781492573739 (PDF ebook)
ISBN 9780736076319 (print)
Human Kinetics’ fundamentals of sport and exercise science series
Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Nutrition provides readers with a preparatory look at the exciting field of sport and exercise nutrition, including its foundational concepts and the diverse career options available. With this one-stop resource, students thinking of entering the field, athletes, and those working with athletes will gain a basic understanding of how nutrition affects sport performance and exercise training. They will also see how this knowledge is put to work in today’s sport environment. The text provides an overview of the field without getting into the more complicated, scientific details. It blends current and evidence-based information and the application of that information to athletes in various sports. The goal of the book is not only to cover the basics of sport and fitness nutrition but to inspire readers to continue their exploration of the topic.-.
Part I. Welcome to Sport and Exercise Nutrition -- Chapter 1. What Is Sport and Exercise Nutrition? ; Origins and History of Sport Nutrition ; Sport Nutrition as a Subspecialty of Nutrition ; Is Sport Nutrition an Art or a Science? ; The Short of It -- Chapter 2. What Can I Do With Sport Nutrition? ; What Jobs Are Associated With Sport Nutrition? ; What Degrees and Credentials Are Needed? ; How Does Sport Nutrition Interface With Other Professions? ; The Short of It -- Part II. Building Blocks of Sport and Exercise Nutrition -- Chapter 3. Energy Balance and Imbalance ; What Is Energy? ; What Is Energy Balance? ; Effect of Metabolic Rate on Energy Balance ; Effect of TEF on Energy Balance ; What Is Energy Imbalance? ; The Short of It -- Chapter 4. Carbohydrate ; What Is Carbohydrate and How Does It Relate to Exercise? ; What Are the Daily Carbohydrate Recommendations? ; Sources of Carbohydrate ; Distribution of Daily Carbohydrate Intake ; How Does an Athlete Carbohydrate Load? ; The Short of It -- Chapter 5. Protein ; What Are Amino Acids and Proteins? ; Sources of Dietary Protein ; What Is the Daily Protein Recommendation? ; The Short of It -- Chapter 6. Fat ; What Is Fat? ; How Is Fat Digested and Stored? ; How Is Fat Used During Rest and Exercise? ; What Is the Daily Recommendation for Fat? ; Sources of Fat ; Are Some Fats Associated With Health Risks? ; The Short of It -- Chapter 7. Vitamins ; What Are Vitamins? ; How Do Vitamins Function? ; How Much of Each Vitamin Is Recommended Daily? ; Sources of Vitamins ; The Short of It --
Chapter 8. Minerals ; What Are Minerals? ; How Do Minerals Differ From Vitamins? ; How Do Minerals and Exercise Affect the Body? ; What Is the Recommended Daily Intake of Minerals? ; Which Minerals Are Likely to Be Deficient? ; The Short of It -- Chapter 9. Water, Electrolytes, and Fluid Balance ; What Is Homeostasis and How Is It Maintained? ; Factors That Affect Water Balance ; Factors That Affect Electrolyte Balance ; Is Precise Regulation of Water Necessary? ; Why Do Athletes Need Individualized Plans for Fluid and Electrolyte Intake? ; What Type and How Much Fluid Should Be Consumed? ; How Does Dehydration Affect Training, Performance, and Health? ; Signs of Dehydration ; The Short of It -- Chapter 10. Weight, Body Composition, and Performance ; What Is Body Weight? ; What Is Body Composition? ; How Do Weight and Body Composition Relate to Performance? ; What Is Needed to Increase Muscle Mass? ; How Much Muscle Mass Can Be Gained? ; The Short of It -- Chapter 11. Athletes and Disordered Eating ; How Do Normal and Disordered Eating Differ? ; What Is an Eating Disorder? ; Which Athletes Are Most Susceptible? ; Factors That Influence the Development of Eating Disorders ; What Is the Female Athlete Triad? ; The Short of It -- Epilogue. The Future of Sport and Exercise Nutrition -- Appendix A. Learn More About Sport and Exercise Nutrition -- Appendix B. Implementing Sport and Exercise Nutrition in the Real World -- Appendix C. Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Conversions

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