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Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, 2009
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ISBN 9781492596882 (online)
ISBN 9780736068796 (print)
Functional Testing in Human Performance is a comprehensive learning tool for novices and an essential reference for advanced clinicians. To enhance understanding, a companion video collection features live-action demonstrations of 40 of the most advanced tests. Related videos: Hip Extension Assessment -- Hip Abduction Assessment -- Trunk Flexion Assessment -- Deep Squat Assessment -- Hurdle Step Assessment -- In-Line Lunge Assessment -- Shoulder Mobility Assessment -- Active Straight Leg Raise Assessment -- Rotational Stability Assessment -- Star Excursion Balance Test -- Functional Reach Test -- Multiple Single-Leg Hop Stabilization Test -- Single-Leg Inclined Squat Test -- Vertical Jump Test -- Triple Jump for Distance Test -- Single-Leg Crossover Hop for Distance Test -- Figure 8 Hop Test -- Hexagon Test -- Modified Hexagon Test -- T-Test -- Pro Agility (5-10-5) Test -- 505 Agility Test -- Edgren Side-Step Test -- Three-Cone Drill Test -- Illinois Agility Test -- Zigzag Run Test -- Deep Neck Flexor Test -- Segmental Multifidus Testing -- Trunk Curl-Up Test -- Double-Leg Lowering Test -- Abdominal Stage Test -- Endurance of Abdominal Muscles Test -- Extensor Dynamic Endurance Test -- Alternate Pull-Up Test -- Backward Overhead Medicine Ball Throw Test -- Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Test -- Lower Extremity Functional Test -- Squat Jump Test -- Plyometric Leap Test
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Functional Testing in Human Performance offers clinicians the first-ever compilation of information on clinical and data-based functional testing for sport, exercise, and occupational settings. This unique text serves as a primary resource for accurate assessment of individuals’ functional abilities in order to develop program prescriptions to enhance their performance. Functional Testing in Human Performance is a comprehensive learning tool for novices and an essential reference for advanced clinicians. The text defines the role of function in physical performance and how it can be appropriately tested. Especially helpful for novices, the text explains testing criteria, testing terms relevant to research, and selecting the most appropriate test and testing sequence. Common testing mistakes are also presented as well as pitfalls to avoid when testing. The text also includes case studies that illustrate a variety of situations--including testing for a client recovering from a lower-extremity injury, discussing preseason testing for a large group of athletes, and presenting the study of a client in an occupational setting. These cases include detailed statistical analysis and normative data, offering clinicians the opportunity to consider the application of functional testing and implementation strategies adaptable to their specific practice setting. After laying a foundation, the text progresses to detailed testing procedures for discrete physical parameters and specific regions of the body. Tests are organized from least to most complex, and each test is presented in a step-by-step manner outlining the purpose of the test, equipment needed, testing procedure and recommendations for performing the test, interpretation of results, and the data to suggest normative values, reliability, and validity for each test..
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Part I. Basics of Functional Testing -- Chapter 1. Essential Concepts and Terms -- Chapter 2. Test Administration -- Chapter 3. Integration of Functional Testing Into Everyday Practice -- Part II. Testing Procedures and Protocols for Discrete Physical Parameters -- Chapter 4. Anthropometric Assessment -- Chapter 5. Muscle Length Assessment -- Chapter 6. Fundamental Movement Testing -- Chapter 7. Balance Testing -- Chapter 8. Aerobic Testing -- Chapter 9. Strength and Power Testing -- Chapter 10. Speed, Agility, and Quickness Testing -- Part III. Testing Procedures and Protocols for Regional Physical Parameters -- Chapter 11. Trunk Testing -- Chapter 12. Upper Extremity Testing -- Chapter 13. Lower Extremity Anaerobic Power Testing

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