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Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : John Benjamins Publishing Company, [2013]
1 online resource (520 pages)
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ISBN 9789027270801 (electronic bk.)
ISBN 9789027206855
Typological studies in language, ISSN 0167-7373 ; volume 104
Print version: Language typology and historical contingency. Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : John Benjamins Publishing Company, [2013] viii, 512 pages Typological studies in language ; v. 104. ISBN 9789027206855
Includes bibliographical references and index
Subgrouping in Tibeto-Burman : can an individual-identifying standard be developed? how do we factor in the history of migrations and language contact? / Randy J. LaPolla -- Real data, contrived data, and the Yokuts Canon / William F. Weigel.
A (micro-)accretion zone in a remnant zone? : lower Fungom in areal-historical perspective / Jeff Good -- A history of Iroquoian gender marking / Michael Cysouw -- The Satem Shift, Armenian sisern, and the early Indo-European of the Balkans / Bill J. Darden -- Penultimate lengthening in Bantu : analysis and spread / Larry M. Hyman -- Culture and the spread of Slavic / Alan Timberlake -- The syntax and pragmatics of Tungusic revisited / Lenore A. Grenoble -- Some observations on typological features of hunter-gatherer languages / Michael Cysouw & Bernard Comrie -- Typologizing phonetic precursors to sound change / Alan C.L. Yu -- Distributional biases in language families / Balthasar Bickel -- The morphology of imperatives in Lak : stem vowels in the second singular simplex transitive affirmative / Victor A. Friedman ---
Discourse semantics and the form of the verb predicate in Karachay-Balkar : a corpus-based and experimental study / Andrej A. Kibrik -- Typology and channel of communication : where do signed languages fit in? / Dan I. Slobin -- Marking versus indexing : revisiting the Nichols marking-locus typology / Nicholas Evans & Eva Fenwick -- Head-marking languages and linguistic theory / Robert D. Van Valin Jr. -- Lessons of variability in clause coordination : evidence from North Caucasian languages / Aleksandr E. Kibrik -- Noun classes grow on trees : noun classification in the North-East Caucasus / Keith Plaster, Maria Polinsky & Boris Harizanov -- Affecting valence in Khumi / David A. Peterson -- Capturing diversity in language acquisition research / Sabine Stoll & Balthasar Bickel -- Who inherits what, when? : toward a theory of contact, substrates, and superimposition zones / Mark Donohue -- Polysynthesis in the Arctic/Sub-Arctic : how recent is it? / Michael Fortescue ---

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