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New York, [New York] (222 East 46th Street, New York, NY 10017) : Momentum Press, 2015
1 online resource (xi, 106 pages)
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ISBN 9781606507117 (electronic bk.)
Engineering management collection
Includes bibliographical references and index
1. Replacement analysis and depreciation -- 1.1 Overview -- 1.2 MACRS, modified accelerated cost recovery system. Example 1.1. Depreciation charge of off shore drilling asset -- 1.3 Methods of depreciation -- 1.3.1 Method of straight line. Example 1.2. Method of straight line for depreciation of HRA, helical ribbon agitator -- 1.3.2 Method of declining balance. Example 1.3. Method of declining balance line for depreciation of HRA, helical ribbon agitator -- 1.3.2 Method of units of production. Example 1.4. Hexane extraction of rice-bran oil (kindly see example 4.11) -- 1.4 Replacement analysis. Example 1.5. Photocopier before-tax. Example 1.6. Best year for abandonment -- 1.5 Summary -- 1.6 References --
2. Taxes, tariffs and duties -- 2.1 Overview -- 2.2 Tax reform -- 2.3 Types of taxes -- 2.4 Tax consequences of evaluation of a single project -- Example 2.1. Present worth of a sugar MiU after tax consequences. Example 2.2. PW of ABS plant taking into account inflation and tax consequences. Example 2.3. Profitability of liquefaction plants -- 2.5 Summary -- 2.6 References --
4. Spider plots and break-even analysis -- 4.1 Overview. Example 4.1. Break-even analysis for PEV, Chevy Volt. Example 4.2. Spider plot for life-cycle cost of Chevy Volt --
3. Benefit-to-cost ratio and public sector initiatives -- 3.1 Introduction -- 3.1.1 Marshall Plan -- 3.1.2 Taj Mahal -- 3.1.3 Great Wall of China -- 3.1.4 Pyramid of Giza -- 3.1.5 Eiffel Tower -- 3.1.6 Suez Canal -- 3.1.7 Hoover Dam -- 3.1.8 Apollo Program -- 3.1.9 NASA Mars science laboratory mission -- 3.1.10 Interstate highways -- 3.2 B-C-D method. Example 3.1. Firefighting in Yellowstone National Park in 1988. Example 3.2. Replacement for WTG, World Trade Center -- 3.3 Summary -- 3.4 References --
Appendices A. Discrete compounding-interest and annuity tables, Table A-1 to Table A-23 -- B. Continuous compounding-interest and annuity tables Table B-1 to B-25.
The economy has changed rapidly. Both the nation’s economy and the world economy has undergone changes since the World War II. The end of cold war has given impetus to rise of globalization. China and India are now invited to attend G20 meetings. Engineering education imparts a variety of skills to the student. Skills from economics can be synergistically applied. The engineering economy is a field of endeavor that explains different methods to evaluate alternates available to the business owner. Engineering Economy is the study of the feasibility and evaluation of the cost of possible solutions to engineering problems. When benefits outweigh costs the alternate becomes a acceptable one. The lowest cost among alternates can be selected by using different methods discussed in detail in the textbook. This is calculated at a certain interest rate over a certain prescribed period of time..

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