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The Hague : Mouton, [1979]
1 online resource (788 pages)
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ISBN 9783110806489 (electronic bk.)
ISBN 9789027978004
aWorld anthropology
Papers prepared for the 9th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Chicago, 1973
Includes bibliographical references and indexes
Linguistic contacts and elements of ethnic identification / M. Guboglo -- Region, religion, and language : parameters of identity in the process of acculturation / Mahadev L. Apte -- Sociopsychological bases of language choice and use : the case of Swahili vernaculars and English in Kenya / Joseph Muthiani -- Cree-English bilingualism in northern Alberta / Regna Darnell -- Bilingualism and language maintenance in two communities in Santa Catarina, Brazil / Jurgen Heye -- Cherokee : a flourishing or obsolescing language? / William Pulte -- Chicano bilingual/bicultural education / Henry Torres Trueba -- Helping Africans to speak for themselves : the role of linguistics / Robert G. Armstrong -- A typology of language education in Nigeria / C.M.B. Brann -- Social and linguistic structures of Burundi, a typical "unimodal" country / A. Verdoodt -- The sociolinguistic structure of the Danube Basin / Gyula Decsy -- Language unification in Taiwan : present and future / Robert L. Cheng ---
The persistence of the ideographic script in the Far East : its competitive values versus the alphabet / Fosco Maraini -- Prestige speech styles : the imposed norm and inherent value hypotheses / Howard Giles, Richard Bourhis and Ann Davies -- Attitudes toward the adoption of an international language / Ellen-Marie Silverman and Franklin H. Silverman -- East Europeans and the politics of multiculturalism in Alberta / Baha Abu-Laban -- Universal literacy of the formerly backward peoples of the Soviet Union : a factor of their social self-awareness / V.A. Kumanev -- Communication in an Indian village / J.S. Yadava -- Emerging patterns of communication networks in a developing society / C. Lakshmanna -- Network concepts in the sociology of language / Evangelos A. Afendras -- Problems of language standardization in India / Bh. Krishnamurti -- Universals of language planning in national development / Charles A. Ferguson and Anwar S. Dil ---
A demographic typology for Hindi, Urdu, Panjabi speakers in South Asia / Lachman M. Khubchandani -- Social mobility and specialization in language use / Grace Jolly -- Modal and modish pronunciations : some sex differences in speech / Lewis Levine and Harry J. Crockett Jr. -- The effects of marital status and age on sex differences in language style / Diana Wortman Warshay -- Sampling, elicitation, and interpretation : Orleans and elsewhere / John Ross -- Social differences in white speech / Raven I. McDavid Jr. -- Language choice and socialization in a multilingual community : language use among primary school teachers in Ghana / Jean Ure -- Relational bilingualism : a socioeducational approach to studying multilingualism among Mexican-Americans / Jacob Ornstein -- The future of the oppressed languages in the Andes / Xavier Albo -- A comparative study of language contact : the influence of demographic factors in Wales and the Soviet Union / E. Glyn Lewis ---
The dimensionality and predictability of responses to language planning activities / Joshua A. Fishman.
A transactional view of speech functions and codeswitching / J.B. Pride -- Extralinguistic variables and linguistic description / Anthony L. Vanek -- Sociolinguistic aspects of pronoun usage in Middle English / Gloria Paulik Sampson -- Codeswitching as a "safe choice" in choosing a lingua franca / Carol Myers Scotton -- Other people’s words : an aspect of style in Ga songs / M.E. Kropp Dakubu -- How role-relationships, domains, and speech situations affect language use among bilinguals / Emy M. Pascasio and Araceli Hidalgo -- Correlational sociolinguistics and the ethnography of communication / Jacqueline Lindenfeld -- Sociological aspects of Black English dialects in the United States / R.B. Smith -- Communication in culture spaces / Akira Yamamoto -- Sociolinguistic variation and semantic structure : the case of Tamil kaRi / Franklin C. Southworth -- Perspectives on sociolinguistics in India / P.B. Pandit ---

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