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Chicago, Illinois : Haymarket Books, 2018
1 online resource (159 pages)
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ISBN 9781608469635 (e-book)
Includes bibliographical references
Introduction: What is a Keyword? (tentative) Agile - see lean, nimble Artisanal, adj. Accelerate Best practices, n. Choice Coach Creative (adj., n.) Disruption Data (n.) Deliverable (n.) Dialogue (n.)- see conversation Digital (n.) Empowerment Ecosystem (n.) Empowerment (n.); empower (v.) Engagement (n.); engage (v.) Excellence Freedom, n. Free speech, n. - see freedom Grit Human capital, n. Impact, n., v. Leverage (n., v.) Leader, leadership, n. Lean, v., adj. Maker, adj. Market Outcome, n. Passion Pivot Share, v., sharing, adj., n. Silo, n., v. Smart, adj. Solution, n. Thought leader - see leader, leadership.
"A clever, even witty examination of the manipulation of language in these days of neoliberal or late stage capitalism" (Counterpunch). From Silicon Valley to the White House, from kindergarten to college, and from the factory floor to the church pulpit, we are all called to be innovators and entrepreneurs, to be curators of an ever-expanding roster of competencies, and to become resilient and flexible in the face of the insults and injuries we confront at work. In the midst of increasing inequality, these keywords teach us to thrive by applying the lessons of a competitive marketplace to every sphere of life. What’s more, by celebrating the values of grit, creativity, and passion at school and at work, they assure us that economic success is nothing less than a moral virtue. Organized alphabetically as a lexicon, Keywords explores the history and common usage of major terms in the everyday language of capitalism. Because these words have infiltrated everyday life, their meanings may seem self-evident, even benign. Who could be against empowerment, after all? Keywords uncovers the histories of words like innovation, which was once synonymous with "false prophecy" before it became the prevailing faith of Silicon Valley. Other words, like best practices and human capital, are relatively new coinages that subtly shape our way of thinking. As this book makes clear, the new language of capitalism burnishes hierarchy, competition, and exploitation as leadership, collaboration, and sharing, modeling for us the habits of the economically successful person: be visionary, be self-reliant-and never, ever stop working..

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