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1st ed.
Cambridge, UK : Open Book Publishers, 2021
1 online resource (808 pages)
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ISBN 9781800641662 (electronic bk.)
ISBN 9781800641655
Semitic Languages and Cultures Ser. ; v.7
Print version: Hornkohl, Aaron D. New Perspectives in Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew Cambridge, UK : Open Book Publishers,c2021 ISBN 9781800641655
Intro -- Contents -- Contributors -- Preface -- Abstracts -- Aaron Koller - The Alphabetic Revolution, Writing Systems, and Scribal Training in Ancient Israel -- Nick Posegay - Hissing, Gnashing, Piercing, Cracking: Naming Vowels in Medieval Hebrew -- Steven E. Fassberg - III-y Imperatives in Ancient Hebrew -- Jorik (F. J.) Groen - Frequency, Analogy, and Suppletion: √hlk in the Semitic Languages -- Ariel Gabbay - On the Morphology of the Guttural Verbs in Sephardic Traditions in the Early Modern Period -- Na’ama Pat-El - Comparative Semitic and Hebrew Plural Morphemes -- Elisheva Jeffay - Proper Names as Predicates in Biblical Hebrew -- Chanan Ariel - The Shift from the Biblical Hebrew Far Demonstrative dde` to Mishnaic Hebrew `eze -- Bo Isaksson - Biblical Hebrew Short Yiqtol and the ’Consecutive Tenses’ -- Elizabeth Robar - The Rise of Wayyiqtol -- Ambjorn Sjors - Notes on the Lengthened Imperfect Consecutive in Late Biblical Hebrew -- Geoffrey Khan - The Coding of Discourse Dependency in Biblical Hebrew Consecutive Weqatal and Wayyiqtol -- Aaron D. Hornkohl - A Tense Question: Does Hebrew Have a Future? -- Ethan Jones - On Pragmatics and Grammar in Biblical Hebrew: Predicate Adjectives and Stative Verbs -- Ellen van Wolde - Nifʿal Verbs in the Book of Genesis and Their Contribution to Meaning -- Daniel Wilson - dAiAd in Biblical Hebrew -- Lutz Edzard - The Coordination of Biblical Hebrew Finite Verb Forms and Infinitives in Comparative Semitic and Typological Perspective -- Cody Kingham - Parts of Speech in Biblical Hebrew Time Phrases: A Cognitive-Statistical Analysis -- Christian Locatell - Polysemous Adverbial Conjunctions in Biblical Hebrew: An Application of Diachronic Semantic Maps -- Cynthia L. Miller-Naude and Jacobus A. Naude - Differentiating Left Dislocation Constructions in Biblical Hebrew.
Christo H. J. van der Merwe - Biblical Hebrew and Cognitive Linguistics: A General Orientation -- Tania Notarius - From leK g@ to qCtBx and Back: An Episode in Biblical Hebrew Historical Linguistics -- Gary A. Rendsburg - Israelian Hebrew in the Book of Amos -- Yehonatan Wormser - Attitudes towards Rabbinic Hebrew as Reflected in Hebrew Grammars during the Jewish Enlightenment -- Index.
Most of the papers in this volume originated as presentations at the conference Biblical Hebrew and Rabbinic Hebrew: New Perspectives in Philology and Linguistics, which was held at the University of Cambridge, 8-10th July, 2019. The aim of the conference was to build bridges between various strands of research in the field of Hebrew language studies that rarely meet, namely philologists working on Biblical Hebrew, philologists working on Rabbinic Hebrew and theoretical linguists..

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