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Thirteenth edition
St. Louis : Elsevier Mosby, [2013]
xi, 452 stran : ilustrace (některé barevné) ; 29 cm

ISBN 978-0-323-07844-3 (vázáno) ISBN !0-323-07844-3 (chyb.)
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PART 1 THE PATIENT // Chapter 1 The Edentulous State, 1 John A. Hobkirk, George Zarb // Chapter 2 Systemic Health Aspects and Nutritional Considerations for Edentulous Patients, 28 Leslie P. Laing, Sreenivas Koka // Chapter 3 The Aging Edentulous Patient, 35 Michael I. MacEntee, Mario A. Brondani // Chapter 4 Sequelae Caused by Wearing Complete Dentures, 42 Leslie P. Laing, George Zarb // PART II TREATMENT OPTIONS // Chapter 5 History Taking, Treatment Planning, and Improving Denture-Bearing Areas for Edentulous Patients, 53 George Zarb, John A. Hobkirk // Chapter 6 Additional Treatment Planning Options for Both Edentulous and Potentially Edentulous Patients, 93 George Zarb, Steven E. Eckert, Rhonda F. Jacob, John P. Zarb // PART III THE MATERIALS USED // Chapter 7 Materials Used in the Management of Edentulous Patients, 121 Yoav Finer, Randa Diwan // PART IV CLINICAL PROTOCOLS FOR DIVERSE TREATMENT SCENARIOS // Chapter 8 Maxillary and Mandibular Substitutes for the Denture-Bearing Area, 161 Rhonda F. Jacob, George Zarb // Chapter 9 The Dentures’ Polished Surfaces, Recording Jaw Relations, and Their Transfer to an Articulator, 180 James D. Anderson, George Zarb // Chapter 10 The Occlusal Surfaces: The Selection and Arrangement of Prosthetic Teeth, 204 Aaron H. Fenton, Ting-Ling Chang // Chapter 11 The Try-in Appointment, 230 Aaron H. Fenton, Ting-Ling Chang // Chapter 12 Prosthesis Insertion and Follow-up Appointments, 255 Ting-Ling Chang, Aaron H. Fenton //
Chapter 13 Modified Protocols for Immediate Dentures, Overdentures, and Single Dentures, 281 // Steven E. Eckert // Chapter 14 Prolonging the Useful Life of Complete Dentures: Relines, Repairs, and Duplications, 303 // John A. Hobkirk, George Zarb // Chapter 15 Speech Considerations with Complete Dentures, 315 // Li-Deh Lin // PART V CLINICAL PROTOCOLS SPECIFIC TO // IMPLANT-RETAINED AND IMPLANT-SUPPORTED PROSTHODONTIC MANAGEMENT // Chapter 16 The Science of Osseointegration, 323 Tomas Albrektsson, Ann Wennerberg // Chapter 17 Implant Overdentures, 330 Alan G.T. Payne, George Zarb // Chapter 18 Fixed Full Arch Implant-Supported Prostheses for the Edentulous Patient, 340 Thomas J. Salinas, Sreenivas Koka // Chapter 19 Maxillofacial Prosthodontics for the Edentulous Patient, 351 Rhonda F. Jacob, Ting-Ling Chang // Chapter 20 Managing Problems and Complications, 376 Steven E. Eckert, David Chvartszaid // Chapter 21 Immediately Loaded Complete Dental Prostheses, 387 Steven E. Eckert // Chapter 22 Current and Possible Future Directions in Implant Prosthodontics, 395 Nikolai Attard, Emad S. Elsubeihi, David Chvartszaid, George Zarb // PART VI ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS IN THE MANAGEMENT OF EDENTULOUS PATIENTS // Chapter 23 The Impact of Socioeconomic, Cultural, and Technological Changes and the Notion of Standards of Care and Alternative Protocols, 409 // C. Peter Owen, Michael I. MacEntee // INDEX, 421

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